Youth for TPNW

We are Youth for TPNW.

We’re an independent, youth-led, global movement, calling for a world free from nuclear weapons.

We believe that a more peaceful world is possible, and that young people should be the powerhouse of the movement. Will you join us?
We believe in the power of youth in seeking peace. We pursue youth representation in peacemaking and promote intergenerational dialogue.
We are inclusive and collaborative. We welcome young people from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds.

Our partners

We love working with other organisations pursuing peace. If you're looking to collaborate, please get in touch.

Get involved

We’re always looking for new ways of working and new ideas.
Get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for us.

    Our community convenes on Slack, a messaging app. This is where we plan, socialise, create advocacy actions, share ideas and inspiration, and more. If you are 18-30 and you want to join our community of nuclear ban activists, please fill in this form and we will send you the link. All young people are welcome to join us.